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The Value of an Experienced Civil Litigation Firm in Phoenix or San Diego? Cost-effective Results

If you are involved in business litigation in Phoenix or San Diego, you know how daunting it can be to find an attorney or law firm with experience handling complex cases.  The Schlesinger Conrad Law Firm is a civil litigation law firm based in Phoenix, Arizona and headed by an experienced business litigation lawyer.  Ms. Schlesinger Conrad been involved with litigation since 1989. Schlesinger Conrad can handle most types of legal disputes from small matters to complex litigation, without the high financial cost that directly impacts the final resolution. Whether you are an individual or a small or medium sized business, the attorney will walk you through the entire process, listen carefully to your goals, and work toward achieving those goals for a cost-effective legal solution. Schlesinger Conrad places a special emphasis on personalized service with attention to the complex legally relevant details that affect the outcome of litigation in state and federal court.  

Schlesinger Conrad Law Firm is experienced in resolving legal matters efficiently and with the client's goals in mind.  She has worked for some of the largest law firms in the country, and she has battled Fortune 100 insurance companies.   Even against a global conglomerate, Ms. Schlesinger Conrad was able to obtain a settlement of nearly $1 million, while spending less than $3500 in costs.  That's what we mean by Results.

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